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Our Favourite Brand Collabs of 2024

Collaborations offer an opportunity for businesses to combine the strengths and audiences of two distinct brands to create something new and exciting.

Here are some of our favourite brand collaborations of 2024 so far...

Nicola Coughlan x SKIMS

Campaign Overview: Bridgerton's Nicola Coughlan is the face of SKIMS' latest Soft Lounge collection campaign.

SKIMS are killing it with their celeb collabs, and of course with Kim K's expansive network it's not surprising that SKIMS can work with the celebrities of the moment such as Sabrina Carpenter and Lana Del Rey.

Why It Worked: The collaboration blends shapewear with popular culture. Using a beloved actress like Coughlan and the ethereal photography style created a visually stunning campaign that stands out.

Nicola is serving, and fans are eating it up!

Nicola Coughlan by Elizaveta Porodina for SKIMS / Image via

Sabrina Carpenter x Blank Street Coffee

Campaign Overview: Sabrina Carpenter spent a day working as a barista at Blank Street Coffee to promote her latest album, hinting at her hit single "Espresso".

Why It Worked: This hands-on approach connected Carpenter with her fans in a relatable setting ,with fans absolutely freaking out on social media for being served their favourite beverage by the artist who's given us the song of the summer.

It looks like Espresso is the new Caramel Latte.

What's your order?

Victoria and David Beckham x Uber Eats for the Super Bowl

Campaign Overview: The Beckham duo teamed up with Uber Eats for a tongue-in-cheek Super Bowl commercial. The teaser ad played with the audience, poking fun at THAT viral moment from the Netflix documentary, "Beckham".

Why It Worked: Combining the star power of the Beckhams with the massive viewership of the Super Bowl created a high-impact campaign. The humour and relatability of the ad resonated well with the audience.

Surreal x HANX: The Valentine’s Day surprise we weren't expecting!

Campaign Overview: Surreal teamed up with HANX for a playful Valentine’s Day promotion. Their social media post cleverly stated, "What do condoms and cereal have in common? Very little. But they say opposites attract, so we've hooked up with HANX for Valentine's Day. Easily the sexiest advert to not feature any underwear models."

Why It Worked: This collaboration stood out for its humour and unexpected pairing. By playfully highlighting their differences, Surreal and HANX captured attention and sparked many... conversations with their campaign.

Mattel x Heinz: Barbiecue Sauce

Campaign Overview: Mattel and Heinz collaborated to create the limited-edition Heinz Classic Barbiecue Sauce. This product launch was a response to the public's demand following the Barbiecore craze. Thiago Rapp, Director of Taste Elevation at Heinz, said: "Barbie well and truly won the hearts of Brits all over again last year, and after seeing the reaction this sauce brought to our fans on social media, we knew we had to make it a reality."

Why It Worked: The campaign leveraged the nostalgia and popularity of the Barbie brand, and the unique sauce had a timely release for Barbie's 65th anniversary.

Did you try it?

Airbnb: Icons Collection

Campaign Overview: Airbnb introduced its 'Icons' collection, featuring houses inspired by movies. This included experiences like staying in the Up house and visiting the Ferrari Museum. Brian Chesky, Airbnb’s co-founder, said, “Icons take you inside worlds that only existed in your imagination—until now.”

Why It Worked: This collaboration created magical, one-of-a-kind experiences that appealed to music, film, TV and sport fans and travellers. The imaginative concept garnered widespread attention, and has us all wanting to drift off to sleep in the floating house from Disney Pixar's 'Up'!

Image from Airbnb

Miley Cyrus x Dolce & Gabbana

Campaign Overview: Following her Grammy win, Miley Cyrus partnered with Dolce & Gabbana to launch a bold eyewear line, showcasing the synergy between her music persona and the brand's artistic flair.

Why It Worked: This collaboration blended high fashion with a strong musical influence, appealing to both fashion enthusiasts and Miley’s fanbase. The bold and artistic campaign highlighted the strengths of both the brand and the artist.

Calvin Klein’s Pride and Spring Campaigns

Calvin Klein This is LoveImage from

Campaign Overview: Calvin Klein's 2024 'This Is Love' campaign featured Cara Delevingne and Jeremy Pope celebrating Pride with a vibrant collection.

And, as we're talking about our favourite collabs, we also have to note their spring campaign featuring Jeremy Allen White, which helped to reinvigorate the brand's underwear line.

Why It Worked: Both campaigns celebrated diversity and inclusion while staying true to Calvin Klein’s iconic style. The use of influential personalities helped in capturing the essence of the brand and appealing to a wide audience.

Although their spring campaign wasn't executed without some hiccups, their ads featuring FKA twigs were banned in the UK by the ASA following complaints.

The Oldwalls Collection x Eva Ashley Bridal: Leap Year Giveaway

Campaign Overview: Brides-to-be had the chance to win a Berta wedding gown and a £3,000 voucher towards their wedding with The Oldwalls Collection as part of a Leap Year Giveaway between The Oldwalls Collection and Eva Ashley Bridal.

The campaign, featuring social media activity, email campaigns and digital Ads, gained hundreds of entries.

Why It Worked: With Berta wedding gowns priced at £10,000, and the Oldwalls Collection being renowned for delivering exquisite weddings, this collaboration proved to be significant value to couples across the UK.

With the tremendous success of their prior 'Win A Wedding' campaign, it was a no-brainer for the Oldwalls Collection to launch another.

Fun fact - this campaign was managed by us!


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