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6 Ideas For Your Gated Content

Gated content is a marketing strategy in which access to valuable information or offers is restricted, and in exchange for this access, the user is required to provide their contact information such as email address or phone number.

The idea behind gated content is to "give something to get something", where the user is given access to exclusive information or offers in exchange for their personal information. This strategy is often used to generate leads, build email lists, and increase conversions. Some examples of gated content include white papers, industry reports, webinars, free trials, demos, e-books, guides, coupons, discounts, and private online communities.

In this blog post, we will explore six ideas for creating gated content and how they can be used to generate leads and increase conversions.

Exclusive Webinar or Event

If you have a large enough customer base or social media following/reach to create substantial database, you could consider hosting a webinar or event that is only available to those who provide their contact information. This could be a live Q&A session with an industry expert or a product demonstration.

Free Trial or Demo

Offer a free trial or demo of your product or service in exchange for contact information. This is a great way to give potential customers a taste of what you have to offer and convert them into paying customers.

E-Book or Guide

Create an e-book or guide that provides valuable information and tips for your target audience. Offer it as a free download in exchange for contact information.

Coupon or Discount

Provide a coupon or discount code for your products or services in exchange for contact information. This is a great way to incentivise people to provide their information and encourage them to make a purchase.

Access to a Private Community

Create a private online community for your customers or followers. Offer access to this community in exchange for contact information. This can be a great way to build a loyal following and provide a space not only for your customers to connect and share ideas, but also for you to continually promote your business.

Provide a White Paper

Offer a detailed industry report or white paper that provides valuable insights and data for your target audience. In exchange for access to the report, ask for their email address and contact information.

If you want to pick our brains for more juicy gated content suggestions, contact a member of the team!


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