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Case Study: Skin Pharmacy

Objective and Strategy

Skin Pharmacy is a trailblazer in the skincare industry. Founded with a vision to provide medical grade skincare from trusted brands, Skin Pharmacy offers expert advice, personalised skincare plans and a huge range of first-rate products. Their commitment to efficacy has positioned them as a go-to brand for consumers seeking high-quality, effective skincare options.

The primary goal for Skin Pharmacy was ambitious yet clear: to escalate monthly revenue to £80,000 by the year's end, starting from the ground up. This objective was not just about financial growth, but about establishing a strong digital presence and brand recognition in the competitive skincare market.

Strategy and Execution

To achieve Skin Pharmacy's objective, a comprehensive digital marketing strategy was employed. We focused on:

  • Organic Social Media Management: Curating engaging, valuable content across Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook to build brand awareness and foster a community of skincare enthusiasts.

  • Email Marketing: Implementing Klaviyo to develop targeted email sequences and automations, aimed at nurturing leads and driving conversions.

  • Paid Social Media Ads: Leveraging Meta platforms for targeted advertisements to reach potential customers and drive sales.

  • Paid Google Ads: Utilising keyword-focused campaigns to capture high-intent traffic and direct it to Skin Pharmacy's online store.


The strategies employed led to significant milestones for Skin Pharmacy.

  • Achieved above the target of £80,000 in monthly revenue by the end of 2023, marking a remarkable journey from a startup phase to a thriving business.

  • Enhanced digital presence and brand recognition across major social media platforms, contributing to a broader customer base and higher engagement levels.

  • Successful email marketing campaigns led to an increase in repeat customers and higher lifetime value per customer.

Google Ads Performance:

  • Clicks: Achieved a total of 116,000 clicks over the campaign period.

  • Average CPC (Cost Per Click): Maintained at £0.56, indicating cost-effective bid management.

  • Conversion Rate: Stood at 4.20%, reflecting a high level of ad relevance and user intent alignment.

  • Impressions: Garnered 1.17 million impressions, showcasing the extensive reach of the campaigns.

  • Conversions: Resulted in 4,877.54 conversions, highlighting the campaigns' effectiveness in driving desired actions.

  • ROI: £643.60K, evidencing an impressive 1 : 9.8 return on ad spend (ROAS).

Meta Ads Performance

  • Total Clicks: The campaigns collectively garnered 5,286 clicks across various campaign themes, including Valentine's Day, Boxing Day, Black Friday, and more, effectively engaging with the audience across Instagram (2,735 clicks) and Facebook (2,549 clicks).

  • Impressions: Achieved a total of 400,000 impressions, demonstrating the campaigns' wide reach and visibility among the target audience.

  • Average CPC (Cost Per Click): Maintained an efficient average CPC of £0.59, indicating cost-effective targeting and ad placement strategies.

  • CTR (Click-Through Rate): The overall CTR was 1.32%, reflecting the relevance and appeal of the ad creatives to the audience.

  • ROI: £23,452, showcasing a substantial return of 1 : 11.9 on Meta ads spend.

Learning and Future Planning

Skin Pharmacy's marketing journey was made up of strategic decisions that continuously optimised campaigns and adapted to market trends and consumer behaviour. The success of Skin Pharmacy underscores the importance of having a holistic digital marketing strategy in place, combining organic and paid efforts to achieve business objectives.

Skin Pharmacy's first year utilising comprehensive digital marketing support from Ouma showcases the transformative power of targeted strategies in scaling a brand's online presence and revenue. The success of Skin Pharmacy exemplifies how aligning brand goals with expert marketing techniques can lead to substantial growth and market positioning.


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