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Case Study: Oldwalls Collection

Objective & Strategy

We partnered with The Oldwalls Collection to create their biggest ever competition, the 'Win a Wedding' campaign. Upon winning, one lucky couple would receive a luxurious wedding worth up to £15,000.

We created a compelling data capture campaign where the objective extended beyond just finding a winning couple. 'Win a Wedding' was designed to cultivate a rich database for re-marketing, aiming to convert participants into customers through tailored offers and promotions.

This dual approach leveraged the excitement around a wedding giveaway to build a long-term marketing asset, demonstrating a sophisticated understanding of the interplay between immediate engagement and ongoing customer relationship building.

Target Audience

The campaign's target audience was intricately defined to maximise its reach and effectiveness. Primarily focusing on engaged couples who are actively planning their weddings, the campaign was tailored to resonate with their desires and aspirations for a dream wedding.

To amplify the campaign's visibility and engagement, the strategy also encompassed the general public. This broader audience was engaged through a unique voting system for the final contestants, transforming passive viewers into active participants.

This approach not only built substantial brand awareness among potential customers but also fostered a community-centric event, culminating in a live-streamed finale that attracted over 10,000 viewers, thus bridging the gap between direct target market engagement and wider public involvement.

Creative Assets

The campaign utilised emotive and impactful creatives across Facebook and Instagram, with a focus on short, compelling copy. The grand finale was aired on YouTube, creating a sequence of touch-points throughout the competition.

Performance Metrics

The performance metrics of the "Win A Wedding" campaign vividly illustrate its success:

  • Social Reach: Engaged over 3.21 million unique users, showcasing the campaign's extensive digital footprint.

  • Email Subscribers: Gained 59,394 subscribers, significantly expanding the potential customer base.

  • Website Visitors: Attracted 75,505 visitors, indicating high interest and engagement levels.

  • Entries: Received 9,618 entries, demonstrating the campaign's appeal and participation enthusiasm.

  • Votes: Garnered 25,732 votes, reflecting active community involvement and engagement.

These metrics highlight not only the campaign's ability to captivate and engage a wide audience but also its effectiveness in driving significant digital interaction and potential for future marketing endeavours.

Learning & Future Planning

The campaign's meticulous planning included strategies for potential challenges, such as having backup couples in case of dropouts. This proactive approach ensured seamless execution.

The unprecedented success, highlighted by a 100% increase in website visits and a remarkable ROI of 1:21, underscored the power of social media and targeted digital marketing. The campaign also showcased the effectiveness of leveraging big data and hyper-personalisation for an enhanced user experience, allowing for ongoing engagement and re-marketing opportunities.

These insights have set a new benchmark for future campaigns, emphasising the importance of strategic planning, audience engagement, and data utilisation.


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