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Have you switched to Google Analytics 4?

Most of us have heard about Google Analytics (GA), the popular web analytics service that helps businesses track and analyse website traffic. Recently, Google has introduced GA4, which is the latest version of the platform and is intended to replace the older Universal Analytics (UA) on 1st July 2023.

GA4 offers a number of new and exciting features and capabilities that were not available in UA. For example, GA4 uses machine learning to automatically identify and track user behavior, which means that businesses can gain a deeper understanding of how users interact with their website. Along with this, GA4 offers more robust data privacy controls and is designed to work seamlessly with other Google products, such as Google Ads and Google Tag Manager which is perfect for tracking your leads.

One of the main differences between GA4 and UA is that GA4 uses a different tracking code and data structure. This means that businesses will need to update their website code and potentially make changes to their data tracking and analysis processes.

A key difference between GA4 and UA is that GA4 is more focused on event-based tracking, whereas UA relied on pageviews. This means that GA4 is better suited for tracking specific user actions, such as button clicks, form submissions, and video plays, whereas UA is better suited for tracking overall website traffic, which wasn't always helpful for understanding how individual users interacted with your website. This now means you'll gain a greater understanding of user-specific events that led them to convert or purchase on your website.

What's the catch? You're running out of time to implement it. Businesses should be switching over from UA to GA4 now to ensure they don't lose their analytical reporting, as it offers more detailed insights, better data privacy and new features.

Luckily, Ouma are on hand to make sure that you're not only keeping your analytical data tracking, but you're enhancing your data output and better understanding how your users interact with your site. Our setup and reporting service is available to make sure exactly that.

For just £200 + VAT, we'll implement the new GA4 reporting on to your website and include tracking goals so you're able to report on exactly where your leads came from (Organic Search, Facebook, LinkedIn etc.).

Along with this, for just £30 + VAT per month you can receive a detailed marketing report setup specifically for you and your business and delivered directly to your inbox.

Why not go one further and gain direct access to our live reporting dashboard (seen here) or even receive a narrated video report where one of our experts will talk you through the stats, what they mean, and what you should consider to enhance your marketing moving forward.

Contact us today and head into the New Year with the full picture when it comes to your marketing data.


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