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Recovery Marketing - Surviving Covid-19.

When Covid-19 hit the country by storm, the marketing experts at Ouma predicted a steady and fast decline in active marketing strategies.

Throughout the initial few weeks, as businesses were forced to close doors, put the breaks on usual operations and become temporarily inaccessible as the result of the unprecedented events, we reached out to each of our clients to extend the hand of support.

We encouraged and urged people to continue with their advertising efforts, because in the midst of a global pandemic, we knew it could become almost too easy for even the hardiest of brands to fall down the wayside. Thankfully, as we refused to sit idle and ramped up the gears at Ouma, many of our clients agreed to test out our theory, deciding not to pull the plug on their existing marketing campaigns. Instead, they placed trust in us to rethink and realign strategies, staying onboard with us for what's been, well - a rather eventful and sometimes uncertain ride.

Now, here we are - almost four months on from when lockdown was first announced by the Government and what an incredible catalogue of marketing success stories we have to tell. In such little time, we have completely reformed business operations for many of our customers, as we've sought to digitally enhance at every opportunity and streamline processes to effectively work well remotely. For many, these changes have meant easier ways to collaborate and work together from home, for others, it has paved the way for continuous communication between brands and consumers and for each of them - it means that their branding is now more profound than it has perhaps ever been. Unfortunately, as we've celebrated the success of the brands who thought outside of the box and continued to market in the face of adversity, we also acknowledge the businesses without the resource to keep going with advertising avenues during temporary standstill.

Covid-19 has presented us with an unexpected and unprecedented portfolio of difficult challenges for both brands and marketers alike, and if we have learned anything along the way, it is that there is categorically no doubt, that the pandemic has prompted the most significant shift in marketing strategies in recent history. As we begin to phase back to 'business not as usual', and the economy starts to rebuild, we must not lose sight of the importance of 'recovery marketing' - for some businesses, the opportunity to step up ranks on advertising and for others, a necessary action and last chance attempt to push to the forefront of consumer attention, triumphing over competitors.

There has never been a more relevant time than now to re-engage with target audiences, stretch the budget on your advertising spend and draw in consumers with true innovation and unrivalled impact.

Where consumers once took for granted the availability of a vast range of businesses, they are now beyond excited by the prospect of returning through open doors; and as the rippling effects of Covid-19 left no-one unscathed, consumers are more keen than they have ever been to support local businesses with their loyal custom.

Your target audience are hungry, insatiable - so feed them.

Here is an ideal opportunity for business growth; a perfect time to up-level your consumer engagement, elevate your social presence, enhance the customer experience and ultimately, win business. If at any time throughout this period you thought Covid-19 meant the end, we're here to tell you that this may just be the very beginning!

We're urging you to be bold, be brave and to utilise every creative resource available to you.

Now is not the time to follow the crowd; so, lead it - pave the way to future success by ensuring that your brand is memorable, and you are first choice for what you do.

Consumers are searching for the next big thing, so make it easy for them to find you. Position yourself well, and the results will come.

If you need some help with your recovery marketing strategy, look no further than the expertise at Ouma. To talk to one of our marketing specialists, email

We are currently engaging in recovery marketing campaigns in Swansea, Cardiff, Bristol and London.


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