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Threads by Instagram: Is it Worth the Investment for Businesses?

Threads by Instagram is the latest app making waves in the social media landscape. Designed as a separate space from Instagram and other social channels, Threads offers a unique way to share real-time updates, thoughts, and engage in community-based conversations on a global scale.

Here are our top 3 insights into the platform:

  1. Timing is Key: Embrace Threads early to increase your chances of success. New users are actively looking for accounts to follow, and being an early adopter can boost your visibility and reach.

  2. Public Conversations: Threads is designed for engaging public conversations. It transcends the text versus photo debate and encourages back-and-forth discussions.

  3. Continuous Evolution: Threads is a growing platform from which we can expect regular updates. While some features are currently missing, keep an eye on its development and adapt accordingly.

If you're intrigued, read on for more...

Threads: Redefining the Art of Sharing

At its core, Threads by Instagram aims to redefine the way we communicate online. This app caters to a diverse audience, including creators, brands, and casual posters, who seek an exclusive space to connect with others and share their unfiltered stories.

Unleash Creativity with Unrestricted Visuals

Unlike certain social platforms that impose strict image ratios, Threads liberates visual storytelling. Say goodbye to the hassle of cropping or resizing images to fit predetermined dimensions. Within Threads, visuals can take center stage without compromising their original composition. A single post can use up to 500 characters, with the ability to include links, photos, and videos up to 5 minutes in length.

Searchability: Accounts Over Terms

While you can't search specific terms within Threads, the app offers the ability to search and discover accounts. This means that users can explore and connect with others based on their profiles, fostering connections with like-minded individuals and expanding their network. Threads encourages meaningful engagement through personalised account discovery, promoting authentic interactions within its vibrant ecosystem.

Adaptability and Growth: The Journey Ahead

As with any new platform, Threads is a work in progress. Mosseri has already informed us that their team are working on updates to enhance the user experience. While the app currently lacks certain features like hashtags, alt text capabilities, or a "Following" tab, it is crucial to keep an eye on the app's development and adapt accordingly. Instagram's Threads has shown remarkable growth, with reports suggesting that it reached one million users in just 1.5 hours, with a whopping 44 million users at present- a testament to its potential. However, the true test lies in its longevity and whether it can sustain its initial surge of popularity.

Ouma's take on Threads:

Threads represents a refreshing foray into the realm of online communication and community building. With its focus on real-time updates, engaging conversations, and public discussions, Threads opens up a world of possibilities for creators, brands, and casual posters alike. By embracing this innovative platform early on, you position yourself for success.

While Threads presents this intriguing opportunity for businesses, it's important to consider your target audience, marketing objectives, and whether Threads aligns with your overall social media strategy before investing valuable resource and time into the platform.


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