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Imagine the perfect Social Media Manager. They think about everything; strategy, aesthetic, customer relations, big data and results. They completely understand your business' objectives, come up with outstanding campaign ideas, design artwork, create content, run ads and provide incredibly meaningful insights that shape your business.

Imagine having somebody like that. Now imagine having five of those managers for less than the price of one. Now you're close to the Ouma experience.

Data talks

What we do

Strategy Development

Our social media strategies underpin the work we do, giving us a clear objective and subsequent pathway to success. We refine audiences, establish clear messaging, develop content pillars and so much more, to truly grasp the essence of your wider business objectives. Whether you're driving sales through e-commerce, building a market-leading brand or looking to strategically align your business through CSR with your biggest customers, we'll develop a strategy that works for you.

Integrations & Review

Before we undertake any social media management contract, we need to get our ducks in a row. It's important to us that we demonstrate value, and that we're working with the right tools to deliver the success we promise. We undertake a full review of your product / service and digital landscape to ensure everything is optimised to generate the conversions we expect to see. From the installation of Google Analytics, our in-house reporting platform, conversion tags and more, we'll make sure that every action resulted from social media is measured and effectively reported.

Management & Performance

We don't part-manage social platforms; it's all or nothing. We'll take complete control of your social media platforms and using our succinct strategy, create content that will leave your audience wanting more. Our service includes everything you'd expect from a top-tier social media marketer including copywriting, community management, graphic design, story publishing, reel creation, influencer management and much, much more.

Analysis & Reporting

Saying it boldly, our data analysis and reporting is unrivalled. We don't just report on likes, comments, reach and followers, for us it's about connecting social media to your core business objectives. As a growth agency, we know the value of a holistic approach to marketing reports. With this in mind, we collate web traffic, search console data, lead source data and more into a single report to effectively outline the success of your social influence.

Need a bit of everything?

Ambitious to iconic. Learn how we helped position Wales' most prestigious wedding brand.

Oldwalls Collection

The numbers don't lie. See how we took an eCommerce startup to over £1 million in sales in just 12 months.

Skin Pharmacy

Results driven

Tried. Tested. Trusted. 

Finally, stats that actually matter.

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Social impact  

for business

Social media isn't all about trending dances and food recipes. It's a strategic tool all businesses should be leveraging, no matter who they're trying to target. You just need the right team to guide you on your journey.

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